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Thanks to Mick Tregaskis for contributing some of his early photographs of East Coast surfing.

Thanks to Jai for supplying the photos of hot 90s action. Jai takes the best shots on the coast. Contact details coming soon if you'd like to buy some of his shots.

Thanks to Carlo for those shots of Spooks on the Beach Breaks page

Thanks to Paul Tainsh for the classic shot of Balnarring and Meanoes.

Thanks to Wade Tregaskis for his advice on HTML.

Thanks to Geocities for hosting this page initially, till they turned their back on their principles and kicked us out.

Thanks to TRIPOD for currently hosting this page.

Thanks to Gavin Duffy for some heavy duty scanning of some classic 1980s shots; his aerial view of Point Leo is a classic and his new video shots are cool.

Thanks to Karen Duffy who has provided rare shots of Big Bay!

Thanks to Steve Hubbard for lending me his stack of old 'Breakaway' magazines. They feature prominently in the SEVENTIES section in HISTORY.

Thanks to Rob Young who lent me two photo albums; some shots feature in the 1970s Photo Gallery

Thanks to Ryan Chalmers for the shots of 2nd Reef from the Trigger cam.

Thanks to all those guys who have kept on surfing. Like Mark Howey, Gavin Duffy, Geoff Vockler and John Collins [pictured above] recent finalists in the over-40 section of the PSC Competition. [Photo: Warrick]