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>Surfin stuff<

Sunday, February 17, 2002
Played 'race the cool change' on Friday night after work. A really hot day (38C) and an offshore and 3-4 foot swell. No wonder I was watching the progress of the cool change very intently on the weather bureau web site and decided to go for it. I did make it, and got 2 waves before the 40 knot southerly change swept through, complete with lightning and rain, sending everyone scurrying out of the water and into the car park. Was it worth it to rush down for two waves? Yes!

Wednesday, February 13, 2002
Had one of those fun surfs tonight; surfing with a friend after work on a hot afternoon with a light onshore and not too many guys around. We surfed a fattish left which had great fun takeoffs while a few others surfed a right with a rip in it that looked a bit like Kirra if you squinted. Good fun!

Saturday, February 02, 2002
Saw Jack McCoy's short film of Laird Hamilton towing in to the 'heaviest wave ever ridden, 'Day of Days' at the Capitol Theatre in Melbourne. Pretty amazing. Actually, bloody amazing. Apart from some hoaxy looking hyrofoil surfing and a bit of longboarding which could have been edited out, the actual wave was just incredible. Actually, when everyone started hooting, I think they were hooting at the wave, so perfect and so unridable looking and fascinating and deadly, like starting at a giant snake or something.

Whether it has anything to do with surfing as I know it? Well.