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Sunday, January 11, 2004
The full list you cold vote from in TRACKS

Andy Irons
Barton Lynch
Barry Kanaiaupuni
Beau Emerton
Ben "Space Ghost" Mondy
Bob McTavish
Brad Gerlach
Brenden Margieson
Brock Little
Bruce Irons
Brunker Spreckles
Bryce Ellis
Bud Llammas
Buttons Kaluhiokalani
Buzzy Kerbox
Captain Goodvibes
Chappy Jennings
Cheyne Horan
Chris Brown
Chris Davidson
Christian Fletcher
Chunk Chisnell
CJ Hobgood
Col Smith (Narra)
Corey Lopez
Damien Hardman
Damien Hobgood
Dane Kealoha
Danny Wills
Darrick Doerner
Dave Macaulay
Dave Rastavich
David Hasselhoff
Dean Morrison
Derek Ho
Derek Hynd
Eddie Aikua
Fabio Gouvia
Flavio Padaratz
Frankie Oberholzer
Freda Zamba
Gary Elkerton
Gary Green
George Greenough
Gerry Lopez
Glen Winton
Greg Noll
Hans Hedaman
Ian Cairns
Isobel Latham
Jake Paterson
Jake Spooner
Jeff Hakman
Jeff Booth
Jim Banks
Joe Engel
Joel Fitzgerald
Joel Parkinson
Joel Tudor
Johnny Utah
Johnny-boy Gomes
John Shimooka
Josh Kerr
Kalani Robb
Kelly Slater
Ken Bradshaw
Koby Abberton
Laird Hamilton
Larry Bertelmann
Larry Blair
Layne Beachley
Lisa Andersen
Luke Egan
Made Kasim
Manoa Drollet
Mark Foo
Mark Occhilupo
Mark Richards
Mark Sainsbury
Mark Warren
Martin Potter
Marty Thomas
Matt Hoy
Matt Archibald
Maz Quinn
Merrick Davis
Michael Ho
Michael Tomson
Michael Peterson
Mick Campbell
Mick Fanning
Mick Lowe
Mick Macauliffe
Midget Farrelly
Mike Boyum
Mike Parsons
Miki Dora
Mitch Thorsen
Mitch Cumstein
Munga Barry
Nat Young
Nathan Hedge
Nathan Webster
Nick Wood
Ozzie Wright
Pam Burridge
Pancho Sullivan
Paul Cunningham
Paul Paterson
Pat O’Connell
Pat Curren
Pete Nolan
Peter Drouyn
Peter McCabe
Peter Townend
Peter Troy
Rabbit Bartholomew
Reno Abellira
Richard Cram
Richard Kelly
Richard "Dog" Marsh
Richie Lovett
Rizal Tadjung
Rob Machado
Robbie Bain
Robbie Page
Rocky Occhilpuo
Rod Kerr
Ronnie Burns
Rory Russell
Ross Clarke-Jones
Shane Beschen
Shane Dorian
Shane Herring
Shane Powell
Shaun Tomson
Simon Anderson
Simon Law
Simple Ben
Sunny Garcia
Taj Burrow
Taylor Knox
Terry Fitzgerald
Terry Richardson
That Guy
Todd Chesser
Todd Holland
Todd Prestage
The Duke
Thornton Fallander
Tim Curren
Tom Carroll
Tom Curren
Tony Ray
Vetea David
Wayne Dean
Wayne Jaggard
Wayne Lynch
Wendy Botha
Wes Laine


Checked out the latest TRACKS with the 100 Greatest surfers of all time. For the record the top 10 are:

1 Kelly Slater (no arguments there)
2 Occy (ditto)
3 Tom Curren (dunno, haven't seen him surf enough)
4. Tom Carroll (definitely; actual water-man)
5. Taj Burrow (okay, alarm bells ringing!! Taj Burrow is the 5th best surfer of all time???????? What the ??) Billabong surfer
6 Mark Richards (agree)
7 Mick Fanning (more alarm bells, louder this time! Mick Fanning is the 7th best surfer OF ALL TIME! I saw him surf at Bells and he's hot, and fast..but ALL TIME??? Or maybe he's the RIPCURL candidate; keep that Tracks advertising dollar nice and evenly!
8 Joel Parkinson (wow, how amazing! three of the best surfers OF ALL TIME are current Australian surfers, and not a World Championship between them!; surfing in Australia sure is in terrific shape!)
9. Andy Irons (no arguments)
10. MP (no arguments from a man who bought his first TRACKS mag in 1972!

But come on! Is this real? Consider some of the others down the track:

11 - Layne Beachley (fair call, heaps of world titles, she can surf)
12 - The DUKE - surely a top ten contender?
13 - LAIRD - fair enough, if you call that stuff surfing.
14 - RABBIT - good call - breaking down the door
15 - NAT - a little low?
16 - LOPEZ - fair enough, only really stood out at PIPE and maybe at INDO later.
20 - Wayne Lynch - Hoax Caosters like to see a VICCO there.
22 - Bruce Irons - ??
24 - RCJ - too high, for just a tow-in surfer?
25 - Cheyne Horan - too low?
27 - Micky Dora - way too low
46 - Terry Fitz - sultan of speed is rated too low, as are most of the people who didn't actually compete on the TOUR this year.
63 - Jeff Hackman - too low a ranking for Mr Sunset

It's all a bit of a game, so you can't take it all seriously, but some of it is too laughable to be even a game!

Oh, and I meant to add this link to the PORTSEA CAM:


Summer; time of the great south-easterlies and the dreaded 'in between swells', too big for the beach breaks unless you're into riding reforms (and they're not good for my ears!) and too small for the Western Port waves. So, each morning it's log on to the Coastal watch site and see what intrepid reporter Steve Robertson has to say about the East Coast, and look at some blurry shots of Portsea, which this morning is all being made up for the IRON MAN lifesaving competition.

I DID have a good surf the other day on a little reef break, so clean that the waves kinda pulled over the rocks like a little bubble and you could see the reef and the seaweek and the potholes and the lava rocks below as you flew along these little punch waves. That was fun.