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The Beach Breaks

The beach breaks from Gunna to Portsea provide consistent swells but somewhat fickle conditions.  There are constant theories about how and why the sand shifts, and whether these breaks are as good as they used to be. Maybe the grass has grown back too much? They're rarely flat; sometimes they're classic!

[Apologies, but since the beach breaks are probably the best bit of the Hoax Coast, this page might take some time to load; 119 seconds to be precise, according to Dreamweaver, but heck, we've all got broadband these days, so why worry]


Quick, throaty, sandy, punchy, the barrel below of Yaden Nichol at the 2005 Balin Junior Pro at Gunna epitomises the beach break surfing experience on the Hoax Coast.

Above: Laying it on the edge in classic Gunna condition. On the 24th of March 2002 First Car Park at Gunna became the sight of the No Fear Trials for Bells (formerly the Quiksilver Trials) [Photo: Duffy]

On the same day former World Champion Damien Hardman finds the barrel on the left at First Car Park and below gives the left some stick.  [Photos: Duffy]

gunna_1980.jpg (25758 bytes)

First Car Park lineup shot for a 1980 PSC Contest; note contestant in blue singlet bottom left amping up.  This famous right reappears at odd intervals even today. [Photo: Warrick]


Often neglected coz you have to walk, and some of its attractions are a bit hidden, the coast around St. Andrews boasts some great beach breaks, and some days, when the sun is out, or the light is shining through the back of the barrels you can find yourself in some attractive places.


Above and below: Great shaped wave at the Gap (St Andrews) - September 2002 - Photos Dillon Milenkovic





RYE_MARCH98.JPG (35521 bytes)

Classic early morning shot of Rye from the Peninsula Surf Centre web page. This from March 1998. George called this day 'EPIC'. [Photo: George Patterson]

rye_june_10_1998.jpg (19003 bytes)

Glassy looking morning at Rye (June 1998) Some days the sea fog makes it hard to see out the back and it stays glassy all day. This Photo from the Peninsula Surf Centre daily surf shot [Photo: George Paterson]

rye_june98.jpg (31284 bytes)

A beautiful winter morning with a clear sky and clean offshore conditions.  Many believe that the best days at Gunna are the clear winter days like these. These shots of Rye are from the Peninsula Surf Centre web site. [Photo: George Paterson]

rye_4th_august98.jpg (30566 bytes)

A windier day and the early signs of some rips. Surfing at the beach breaks on the East Coast can be extremely dangerous. Swimmers drown here every year. Exercise extreme caution and surf within your ability range. These shots of Rye are from the Peninsula Surf Centre web site. [Photo: George Paterson]

rye_6thaug98.jpg (26733 bytes)

How much fun does this look! Straight lines, glassy conditions. There'd be waves for miles up and down the coast on this day. These shots of Rye are from the Peninsula Surf Centre web site. [Photo: George Paterson]

Hot young local Skeeter pulling in at windy Rye. This shot taken with a disposable water camera from Hubba.

More serious fun on this glassy Autumn day on the 14th of May 2003. The best time of the year to surf the Hoax Coast. This picture form the Peninsula Surf Centre site.


Above and below: More clean action from the classic Autumn of 2003. These shots taken on the 24th of May by Dillen Milenkovic



snatches.jpg (41420 bytes)

Clean lines at Snatches one summery morning. [Photo: Leigh Parsons]


Situated down near Portsea, Spooks is one of the more consistent of the beach breaks. It's a hard-hitting right-hander that can get pretty hollow. Thanks to Carlo for sharing these shots

Dropping in to a clean one [Photo: Carlo]

The view from the beach [Photo: Carlo]

Tucking into a section [Photo: Carlo]

Speeding through a section, while the guy behind straightens out [Photo: Carlo]


Not just the playground for the rich and famous, Portsea offers quality beach breaks, especially when the wind is more from the NW. This photo from the PSC site in MAY 2003.  Below: Portsea fun during the balmy Easter of 2004. Photo: Warrick.