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Around Flinders

The rocky shoreline from Flinders around to Gunna contains some great surfing breaks, some of them clustered beneath the golf course, others more tricky to find. They have evocative names like Meanoes, the Gunnery, Big Left, Cyrills (formerly Refuse Hopper), Piggies, Mexico Rollers, Super-Tubes, Sunset and Pyramids. They're set in one of the most beautiful stretches of coast on the Peninsula.  Photo contributions welcome.


Called Meano's because it's mean and shallow this is a punchy wedge-shaped left and right peak that is probably the best wave in the Flinders area.

Meanoes left. [Photo: Paul Tainsh]


Gunnery is predominantly a gentle right-hander that breaks, reforms and occasionally barrels. Above, a couple of young competitors check it out the day of the Toorak College 2003 girlsurf competition. [Photo: Jai]

Cape Schanck

A gnarly fickle left hander, the Schanck is difficult to get to and more difficult to surf. The rewards are a powerful left that keeps holding long after the beaches have closed out.

The photos below come from the 2002 Balin Junior Pro and show hot juniors tackling solid Schanck with relish. [Photos: Balin/Trigger Brothers]

Above: World Junior Pro Champion New Zealander Jay Quinn tearing it up.

Above and Below: Young Victorian hottie Adam Roberston getting stuck into it. He's gone on to WIN two Quiksilver Trials since this day.


Outside Sunset near Flinders has often been watched, but rarely surfed. Below some tow-in action from a video of Josh towing in Skeeter and some friends at Supertubes and Sunset in the winter of 2004


Below: another Flinders peak with a couple of adventurers having a dig. Photo: Dillon Milenkovic