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New South Wales

Apparently there's a bit of surf around NSW and it's not all in Sydney. Some samples from travelling hoaxter experience here!


Heading up north somewhere is a favourite Victorian surfing pastime. Imagine lucking on to some of these days on the old surfari?

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This is a semi secret spot on the South Coast photographed by Brett Dillon. I asked him whether it was hard to get out and he replied:

As you can tell it was a magic day.  The waves were in the 10 to 12 foot range.  The wave breaks as a peak and peels left and right.  It's actually very easy to get out, you just have to time it right or you end up eating rock.   Most times you can get out with dry hair!  On the big days most people don't surf left because  there's a strong rip constantly pulling back to shore on that side.

The day I took the photo's,  Occy, Sunny  and bunch of the Billabong crew were in the water and they were filming a new video.  I took the photo's about 12 months ago, so the video will probably be out soon.  The guys were taking off really deep and pulling into some huge barrels. 

Thanks Brett for sharing this awesome day!

Secret Spot (North Coast NSW)

When this shot featured in Tracks early in 2002 Paul Tainsh sent a shot of him surfing this same secret NSW location a few years ago.

He wrote: "I was excited by a recent picture in April Tracks. Page 32 there is a picture of Trent Munro and Phil MacDonald surfing a "secret" point somewhere on the North Coast of NSW. I had actually stumbled (literally) on the same spot a few years ago and was lucky enough to get a photo of myself surfing it. I was told by the couple locals that were out that it only breaks a couple times a year and nobody knows about it. Anyway here's the photos. Go search, I reckon you could find something similar in good old Vicco today (minus the boardies)." The shot below is of Paul at this spot:


south_coast.jpg (58359 bytes)

Leigh took this shot of a secret spot between the Hoax Coast and Sydney [Photo: Leigh Parsons]

Coogee, Sydney

Gavin took this shot of a gnarly looking Coogee in Sydney on a mid-year break in 2003 [Photo: Gavin Duffy]