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Phillip Island


Phillip Island is the closest 'coast' to the Hoax Coast, just a short boat ride across Western Port Bay, or about an hour from Frankston. While lots of people rave about Express Point, the shots below of an inappropriately named left hand Point and Woolami look pretty good to me.

island02.jpg (30158 bytes)

This well known spot on nearby Phillip Island is offshore when the Hoax Coast is onshore. Worth a trip. [Photo: Peninsula Surf Centre cam]

right_point.jpg (55941 bytes)

Another shot of Phillip Island and the famous 'Point' These shots of the Island are technically in Western Port Bay, but the Hoax Coast can't really claim this spot as their own even though those pesky Westies try to claim Quarantine as their own!  [Photo: Peninsula Surf Centre cam]

Another shot of 'The Point' taken on Jan 12, 2002 on the web cam. That's the hoax coast you can see in the distance! [Photo: Peninsula Surf Centre Cam]

For another classic shot of the POINT; check out the new desktop wallpaper in EXTRAS

Flynns Reef

A much loved right-hander just across from the hoax coast. These two shots were taken early April 2004, a the tail-end of a big swell that hit Friday 2nd April. From the Peninsula Surf Centre site.

WOOLAMI (Phillip Island)

Just like good ol Gunna, Woolami is punchy beach breaks that occasionally look like this: