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Cape Schanck

Stuart O'Lauchlin bags a chunky one at the Schanck. Around 1978. [Rob Young Collection]

Dennis Warwick

Trucking on down the line at Second Car Park [Photo: Mick Tregaskis]

Wally Tibbels

Taking the train from the Station! [Photo: Steve Hubbard]

Warrick Wynne

Early days at Snatches; note the leg rope, which is venetian blind cord and sock. 1976 [Photo: John Spotiswoode]


Eddie would go: padling into one at Gunna [Photo: Mick Tregaskis]

Gunna Peak

A chunk of ocean about to turn into a wave. [Photo:Mick Tregaskis]

Ted Crumble

AKA Neil Hyde about to perform one of his unique tricks at Gunna. [Photo: Mick Tregaskis]


AKA Gary Quirk coming down to earth. One of the greatest hasslers of all it is estimated that more than two thousand surfers have benefited from the wave released when Quacker moved to Queensland.

Head Dip at Gunna

Mr Suction Cap Booties, Arnie, dips his head in typical Summer fun conditions around 1978.

Mick Marchants

Mick Marchants playing with the lines at St Andrews circa 1978. [Rob Young collection]


Mick Marchants looking stylish as usual - Gunna - 1978 [Rob Young Collection]

St Andrews Left

Rob Young backside on a St Andrews wall. Around 1978. [Rob Young Collection]