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Johnno (the Sea) Collins

In the first weeks of the new millennium old stager Johnno whack the lip at pristine Prom.[Photo: Warrick]

Adam Roberston

Coming from way down south around Portland, Adam Robertson found the power-packed Cape Schanck to his liking in the 2001 Balin Pro Junio [These photos from the Balin boys]

Lost in the lip

Adam Robertson, somewhere in that white stuff.

Cape Schanck Cauldron

Adam Robertson again, standing tall before the mountain of white.

Quinn at Schanck

Another hot junior rips big Schanck at the Balin Pro Junior; too bad there aren't too many shots of hot locals from this event.

Damien Hardman

Though technically not a Gunna local, former world champion Damien Hardman felt right at home at Gunna during the No Fear Trials in March 2002 [Photo: Duffy]