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Gavin Duffy

Duffy about to backdoor a gnarly Portsea right hander. All the Portsea photos here from one session around 1981 [Photo: Harry]

Off the Bottom

Gavin Duffy off the bottom at Portsea [Photo: Harry]


Hot dogger Mark McCabe clocking up some tube time at Portsea [Photo: Harry]

Warrick Wynne

Off the bottom of a rippy little right at Portsea [Photo: Harry]

Backside Attack

Warrick Wynne slotted in the pocket at Portsea [Photo: Harry]

Down the Line

Harry Harrison lucky they aren't giving tickets for speeding on this Gunna roller. [Photo: Tim Howey]


Mark (Harry) Harrison laying some spray in a PSC Contest. [Photo: ?]