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Way down at the tip of the Hoax Coast this semi-secret left hander grinds away accessible only by boat trip over malaria infested waters.  Occasionally west coasters like to claim this left (they call it 'Corsair')  but it's firmly connected to the HOAX COAST, and perhaps the BEST WAVE on the Mornington Peninsula. Although semi-secret, Ted Bainbridge recently showed me a letter from a 1962 Surfing World mag outing this spot. It's reproduced in the HISTORY section. Above: Danny Wills enjoys the light and the ride.

Above: Side-on shot looking into the Quarantine eye, with the infamous Corsair Rock beyond. The shots below come from Redeye's film 'Heaven on a Stick. Available from all good surf shops on DVD this film features the BEST footage yet of Quarantine going off.