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Spot X

We rarely have the chance to see a new spot emerge. Sometime in the late 80s Crunchy Point, like George Michael, gained respectability and became okay to surf. About the same time First Reef lost its allure. What's happening? Are the rocks shifting? Is it the lack of seagrass? Have swell directions changed? Are the new buildings behind the reef changing the sand patterns?

Now, a new wave is emerging in the Western Port region. These shots taken on the 3rd of July 1999 show it being surfed. This is the first time I had seen it surfed, but I have heard of it being surfed a few times before. The swell this day was inconsistent and lacked push. It remains to be seen how good this place can get.

STOP PRESS - Early in 2003 Al Francis told me that this place had been surfed in the 1970s, despite its shallowness and jagged rocks.

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