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Hoax Coast Tow-In Action

Why do they do it? Get up early, drag a jet-ski down to some boat-ramp full of beer-bellied fisherman and chug around in the near dark around dangerous, kelpy, rip-infested, freezing, unknown, never before surfed radical new places that may be no good anyway? Why? For a wave like the top one on this page.

We haven't seen the Pines throw a lip like this for a long time!

Below: a decent sized wave by any standards!

Below: check out the thickness of the lip on this shallow section

Below: good position as this wave jacks up.

Below: after the heaviness of some of these shots, this stand-up barrel looks almost friendly!

These sequences of Skeeter and mates sent in by Hubba; All photos by Troy Robinson. Featured surfers are SKEETA, WOMBAT and some mates.

More Sequences:

Rounder than Round Tube Sequence!!

Deep foam-ball barrel from behind the peak!

Horrible Wipeout as wave suddenly becomes bottom-less