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Phil and Paul Trigger

It's only fitting that twins Phil and Paul Trigger should enter the hall of fame together, both for their surfing and for the quality surfboards they've produced over the years. Some of the information below is adapted from the Trigger Brothers WEBSITE [Paul Trigger pictured above]

The Trigger family moved to the Chelsea area in 1963 and by November 1964 Phil and Paul aged 13 and 15 were riding the wind chopped waves of Port Philip Bay on elder brother Peter's 9'6" Malibu. Delivering telegrams provided the cash for their 1st Surfboard a 9'8" Gill. Within a year the brothers each had their own boards secured on the roof of the family Holden wagon for trips to Pt.Leo, Torquay and holidays to Queensland.

1968 saw the first Trigger Bros. surfboard for Phil, an 8' x 22" Vee bottom, still sticky when launched at Pt.Leo. Peter had sourced the materials at Marine Fiberglass supplies, a tiny shop some where in the back streets of Melbourne and before long a 7' 10" was shaped and glassed for Paul in the backyard garage. Apart from a few tips from suppliers the brothers were completely self taught. The honing of skills came through continual trial and error leading to the establishment of Trigger Brothers Surfboards in 1970, their first store in Chelsea followed shortly afterwards.

Competitive surfing became the companies strength with Phil and Paul excellent competition surfers.  Phil placed 5th in the first Professional Easter Bells Competition and won the Pt Leo 1200 in 1974.

Aged in their early 50's the brothers still surf 3-5 times a week and all staff are heavily involved in either surfing, skating, snowboarding or sailboarding. 

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