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The West Coast

(aka Surf Coast)

When people think of Victorian surfing, they don't think of the Hoax Coast; they think of the West Coast. Thes pictures explain why!


AKA, the Surf Coast, that what the shire calls it, when shows how seriously they take themselves, and their waves, down that way. And it has got some good pickings. Apart from the 'famous' waves like Bells, there's acres of beach breaks and lesser known points. It almost makes you cry to think how good these guys have got it.

wave2.jpg (22561 bytes)

Some guys don't know how lucky they are. This empty beach break at dusk is on the 'surf coast'. It's about 3-4' and eminently surfable. July 1998.  Photo: Warrick.


fairhaven1.jpg (43893 bytes)

It doesn't look that glassy from this shot, but it was one of those days when the sky and the sea seemed to blend and the waves were so clean that you couldn't really tell when they were about to break. [Photo: Warrick]


This shot of Bird Rock from site shows a clean day in April2004. Below; the shot from the shore. Early May 2004 from the PSC daily surf shot.

Bells Beach

As featured in movies from 'Endless Summer' to 'Point Break'. Sometimes it's fun,  sometimes its scarey.

Ominous looking, glassy looking, the Bells bowl looking clean and glassy on the 6th of April 2001. 

Another great lineup shot of Bells; this from the big June swell of 2002.


Down the line Winki is faster, hollower, more critical and more radical than Bells. No wonder it's also more crowded most days. This shot from the big June swell of 2002.


west3.jpg (32824 bytes)

Warrick took these shots of a right hander just around the corner from Lorne, on the West Coast. It was up to six foot on the set, a super hollow takeoff and a short ride.

west4.jpg (42244 bytes)

There was about six guys surfing it, and it was getting on dark, so the digital camera was struggling a bit. [All photos this day: Warrick - with a SONY digital camera with a floppy disk inside]