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The Prom

Way down Gippsland way there are waves. Wilson's Prom National Park is more famous for its kangaroos and wombats than its waves, but if there's a more fun place to surf on a boiling summer's day I haven't found it.

Ben Jones sent these evocative shots that show the essence of the PROM experience, the sun on the rocks, the late light on the islands out to sea.

Above and Below - Squeaky Beach - Wilsons Prom - Ben Jones write about this day:

The snaps were taken at Squeaky Beach (shore break) some time around November 2001 by a mate of a mate, whose name I can't remember.  He came away camping with us and brought all his photography gear. 
It was getting towards dusk when the off shore wind died down and the swell picked up a bit so I grabbed an on-loan 9 footer and took off to Squeaky for a quick session with another mate, Jason Zarb.  The rider in the photos is me, and it was just one of those late afternoon / dusk surfs when the tide, breeze, swell and light all come together to make for a really enjoyable session. I didn't even know that the guy was on the beach taking snaps until I came in and it took me about 10 months to finally track him down and get a copy of the photos.

Two shots from the Summer of 2002/2003. Geoff and Howey are more used to the power of Gunna or Boobs than the slow moving swells of the PROM so fro them it's a time to get the long boards out. Here, they re-enact the opening scene from the BOND movie that was on that week:

Below:  Mt Eliza Jack Adams stuck to his short board and got some good ones.