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>Surfin stuff<

Saturday, January 19, 2002
A couple of days of swell lately and some good little waves on the point breaks around Shoreham has been a lot of fun after a summer of small beach breaks. One memorable surf was out at Atlas the other afternoon completely by myself! A weird feeling in this crowded world to be out a break by yourself. There were about six guys riding the right about 100 metres away but I surfed for nearly an hour by myself, sitting where I wanted to sit, taking the waves I wanted, until at the end 3 guys paddled out. Good fun.

Saturday, January 12, 2002
Anyway, that's the posting (below) that I sent the boys. What I didn't tell them was how good it felt to be out in Norman Bay again, the clear water and the granite cliffs all round, the wide open beach, and all that.

My Hoax Coast posting from the PROM

Good to be back on the ol' hoax coast after a week at the Prom cavorting in the shining but cold delights of Prom surfing.

Had some good little waves at Norman all week, surfing the long boards, and including a memorable little sesh at the picture-perfect Pocket, when Geoff paddled down from centre-crack, a hell paddle bicep arms! It can now be affirmed that Geoff's new McTavish 'Ray Glebe' model officially works and that Andrew has lost none of his old self-belief, grabbing wave after wave on his trusty 8' footer which ironically made him the shortboard rider for most of the week.

There were mini magic moments a plenty; Howey paddling out to join us mid-surf one afternoon, lugging the freaking mals down the beach, beer o'clock, the windy change that stripped Geoff's tent bare!, and a memorable little sesh at Darby River with hollow peaks as far as the eye could see, walking the long walk relating stories of how Duffy once paddled down the tiger-snake infested river to the beach rather than face the Marchies and much more. One of the windy days we drove down to Walkerville and saw some potential; Norman Bay was 6'+ and blown out onshore but Walkerville was clean and looked very surfable; anyone know if there are any good points along there?

Now back to hoax coast reality!