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>Surfin stuff<

Thursday, May 30, 2002
Headed down to the SURF COAST (WEST) over the weekend and got some decent waves at a little beach break on Sunday morning, and an ordinary onshore concoction on Saturday. The average age of the surfers on the west seems a bit older than the hoax coast, or maybe the young guys are surfing some hard-core heavy joint way down south? OR..! Maybe the West is more conducive to surfing longevity: more waves, more spread of size and power, choose your own adventure?

It was fun anyway: it was beautiful sitting out there on Sunday: so glassy, Lorne shrouded in cloud, the lighthouse at the other end shining white in sunshine.

Saturday, May 11, 2002
Met up with my brother this morning hoping that the swell had hung in from yesterday but watched tiny waves for about an hour before checking out the Point and heading home. My mate Johnno used to say that the bad surfs bring the next good one closer, so it was with those thoughts that I headed home. I was also consoled by a good little surf at Gunna last Sunday morning with some small but clean lefts zipping along a left sandbank. Mid-week though I watched the net with horror as two perfect days passed by and I couldn't get away from work!