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>Surfin stuff<

Saturday, June 22, 2002
Surprised this morning to find another decent sized swell around when I was half expecting maybe a walk along the beach for some exercise. It's always good to get down there in the morning and an early(ish) high tide helps that planning. Walked round to SPOT X where four other guys were already surfing and got some good ones, though the swell direction seemed a bit odd and a few were breaking a little wide. It was a great morning though, and even though I wore the wetsuit hat for the first time this winter, I took it off in the middle of the surf as it was getting too hot!

Sunday, June 09, 2002
Big swell today, and the promise of good waves with the NW hanging in longer than predicted. And it was biggish too (Pines around 4'+) but wit 75 guys in the water, and black seal-like dots on every rock as far as the eye could see! Who said surfing wasn't as popular anymore; the West Coast would have had waves everywhere!