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A-Z of People of the Hoax Coast

Not everyone can be in the Hall of Fame, but everyone's contribution to the pasta and present of East Coast surfing counts. This list is an attempt to include as many people as possible to the list of East Coast contributors. This is a ever expanding list and I try to keep it as accurate as possible but I take no responsibility for errors or omissions. Mail me and set me straight!








Peppie Angliss

Founder of the Victorian Women's Surfing Association. Finished 1st in their inaugural contest at Point Leo in 1980

Brian Archibald

AKA 'Scratch'

Alan Atkins

West Coast surfer, Victorian Champion who rode Trigger Brothers pintails for a while in the 1970s (Breakaway - August 1976) Runner-up in the Point Leo 1200 of 1974

Malcolm Bailey

AKA Beetle. Hot East Coast goofy-footer, particularly in the early 1980s.

Ted Bainbridge

Excellent big wave rider and surfing pioneer, Ted began the successful Peninsula Surf Centres. A new member of the HALL OF FAME. 4th Place in the Point Leo 1200 of 1974, founder of the Peninsula Surf Centre, joint owner of 'Breakaway Magazine' the magazine for southern surfers in the 1970s

Ian Brett

Co-founder of Balin in 1974.

Gary Burns

Contest surfer extraordinaire, ''Bazza" was a strong part of the PSC and represented Victoria in ASA competition. Perhaps one of the best surfers the hoax coast has generated, he is a nominee for the HALL OF FAME.

Colin Clatworthy

Proprietor of Point Leo Store for a long time during the 1970s and early 1980s

Phil Coates

AKA 'Pretzel' Loose and fluid surfer who stood out in any conditions during the 1980s. Later moved to Sydney. A member of the East Coast Hall of Fame whose photo featured in Tracks (April 1979) Victorian State Champion around 1982.

Ian Cochrane

Standout surfing performances from behind big Peak Rock characterised 'Cocky's strong surfing.  Something of a prodigy as a junior, he later shaped very good boards for Trigger Brothers.

Maurice Cole

West Coast surfer and shaper. Third place in the Point Leo 1200 of 1974 was his best result on the East Coast but he went on to become one of Australia's premier shapers and surfboard makers.

John Collins

Long time Peninsula resident and PSC Member, John was director of the internationally acclaimed Bells Beach Contest when he worked for the ASA. After a stint in the USA John is ow living and surfing back on the Mornington Peninsula

Chris Cornell

Revered surfer of the late 1970s and HALL OF FAMER. Winner of several ASA contests and highly placed elsewhere.

Gail Couper

West Coast surfer girl who rode Trigger boards for a while in the 70s (Breakaway - August 1976)

Gavin Duffy

The oldest grommet on the coast. PSC Committee man; producer of 'Whitewash', their magazine.

David (Skip) Easton

AKA 'Skip'. President of the Peninsula Surfriders Club for a number of years when the club was very strong in the 1970s

Richard Evans

Shaper for Triggers in 1980s.

Dale Evans

East Coast Pioneer, moved down the coast with John Jolly around 1971.

Andrew Everist

Powerful surfer who excels in the bigger stuff. Winner of numerous PSC contests in 1990s. Check the pictures in the 1990-2000 gallery

Jack Finlay

Jack surfed Portsea as early as 1959 on a sixteen foot plywood surfboard, according to the story. Read more in HISTORY

Simon Forward

Impressive surfer and shaper. Check the pictures in the 1990-2000 GALLERY

Chris Fowler

AKA 'Redeye'. A long-time involvement in PSC Club, then later developed a passion and expertise in film-making, producing several movies. Also has a hand in the new I-SURF magazine which first appeared in 2003.

Tony Fowler

AKA 'Torps' - made 'chine rails and hulls' for Triggers in 1976, then sponsored surfer for Balin around 1980 - now moved to the West Coast.

Ronnie Gorringe

Hot goofy-footer with a taste for the powerful, he made many pioneering trips to Indonesia and still surfs.

Phil Grace

East Coast pioneer and surf adventurer. Excellent shaper and well respected around the coast HALL OF FAME NOMINEE

'Herbie' Hammond

Long time East Coast surfer who moved to Phillip Island where he took on a leading role with their Boardriding club. Died tragically late 1990s.

Mark Harrison

'Big Harry' - PSC rider, king of the 'Driftwood Room' in the 1980s.

Mark Harrison

AKA 'Little Harry' - Strong contest performer for PSC now living at Point Leo.

Harry Hodge

Maker of film 'Liquid Gold' as well as photographing for 'Breakaway' in the 1970s

Craig Houston

AKA Bluey - Red Haired rider of the 70s who made his own surfboards for a while.

Mark Howey

AKA 'Howey'. President Peninsula Surfriders Club 2001

Tim Howey

AKA 'Mini-Howey'. Mark's younger brother, a goofy-footer who likes most goofy footers, loves lefts and the hollower the better.

Steve Hubbard

One of many who made the move from Chelsea, Carrum or Bonbeach to Rye or St Andrews. Surf Dreaming Web Master

Neil Hyde

AKA 'Ted Crumble'. Early PSC surfer and innovator.

Ross Jamieson

Hot East surfer as recognised in the Tracks article 'There's More to Victoria than Bells Beach and the Torquay Pub' (April 1979)

John Jolly

One of the original East Coast surfers, he moved down the coast around 1971, founded 'Shady Hollow' surfboards soon after. He is thought to have surfed the Point more often than any other human being. He now glasses for Trigger Brothers.

Clyde Laird

First 'Crystal Blue' Surfboards out of Rye in the late 70s then X Boards

Prue Latchford

Long-time advocate of women's surfing on the Mornington Peninsula. Consistent results in Victorian and National Competition. Currently runs the East Coast Surfing School.

Shane Lowe

Shaper for Triggers around 1980

Malcolm Luke

Hot East surfer as recognised in the Tracks article 'There's More to Victoria than Bells Beach and the Torquay Pub' (April 1979)

Neil Luke

Seventies Phillip Island knee-boarding champion and arch-rival of Rob McCartney in kneeboard contests at that time.

Mick Marchants

Hot East surfer as recognised in the Tracks article 'There's More to Victoria than Bells Beach and the Torquay Pub' (April 1979)

Mark McCabe

Strong contest results through the 1970s and 1980s, 'Mwabe' has surfed Trigger Brothers boards forever and is also a Hall of Fame Nominee.

Rob McCartney

Multi Victorian Kneeboard Champion and competed in numerous National Titles including 4th in the 1976 Australian Titles at Point Leo. A recent addition to the HALL OF FAME. Ran one of the PSC shops for some time. Interviewed in 'Breakaway' July 1974

Cameron Mole

Renowned early riser, 'Camo' has a long involvement with the PSC Club and still lives and surfs on the East Coast.

Dave Morrison

Early boardmaker of 'Crystal Blue' surfboards at Rye in the 1970s

Ian Mulligan

AKA Mumbles - Somewhat eccentric but occasionally brilliant goofy-footer who excelled at First Reef in the 1970s. HALL OF FAMER. Hot East surfer as recognised in the Tracks article 'There's More to Victoria than Bells Beach and the Torquay Pub' (April 1979)

Tony Murrell

Joint owner of 'Breakaway Magazine' the magazine for southern surfers in the 1970s

Russell Norton

AKA 'Pudden' - Early treasurer of the PSC, Russell moved to Sydney and fell in with the hot Newport Peak crew of the 1980s. He now works for Billabong and lives in Queensland.

Neil Oke

Custom shaper of Oke Surfboards, 223 Station Street, Edithvale. Younger brother of Alan, Neil was an accomplished surfer who competed in Vic Junior championships and represented the state in 1973 at Western Australia.

Alan Oke

Alan Oke started marking surfboards in 1968 in a small shop in Edithvale. Alan regularly surfed on Phillip Island and became a well-known identity in the local surf scene. At one time , he was president of the Phillip Island Boardriders Club. He was a part of the early breed of boardmakers in Victoria. He died in 1975 and was remembered with a memorial surfing competition named after him.

Mick Parkinson

Hot Sorrento surfer of the 1970s

Warren Partington

Made 'Bobanarring Surfboards' out of Frankston in the 1970s. Finished 4th in the Australian Titles Senior Men Section in 1976

George Paterson

Long time Peninsula surfer, early role as Treasurer of emerging PSC, later involved closely with the emergence of the Peninsula Surf Centres.

Phil Pemberthy

PSC President in the 1990s, Phil teaches surfing for the Mornington Peninsula Surf School, which he runs.

Mick Pierce

Respected goofy-footer and surfboard maker. Featured in the Hall of Fame. Recognised in the Tracks article 'There's More to VIctoria than Bells Beach and the Torquay Pub' (April 1979)

Keith Platt

Joint owner of 'Breakaway Magazine' the magazine for southern surfers in the 1970s

Ian Portingale

Standout surfer in the 1970s including winning the Victorian Title at Bells in 1974. HALL OF FAME NOMINEE. Now living in QLD.

Kelly Pritchard

Talented natural footer who surfed very well, the late 70s and early 80s. His tragic death affected many people.

Gary Quirk

AKA 'Quacker' - Fierce hassler and winner of numerous 'SNAKE' awards at the PSC before heading to QLD to live and surf.

Peter Reeves

Second in the JUNIOR section of the Point Leo 1200 of 1974

George Rice

Renowned surfboard maker who moved his shop to Bonbeach late in his career.

Simon Rice

Worked with, and rode Trigger Boards for a while in the 1970s (Breakaway - August 1976)

Paul Robinson

AKA 'Robo'. Kneeboarder extraordinaire; long time PSC member and raconteur.

Ronnie Roozen

Hot East surfer as recognised in the Tracks article 'There's More to VIctoria than Bells Beach and the Torquay Pub' (April 1979)

Mick Schafer

Strong early role in the PSC club in the 1970s and fine surfer in his own right.

Max Skillbeck

Winner of the JUNIOR section of the Point Leo 1200 in 1974

Ross Slaven

Sixth place in an elite final of the 1974 Point Leo 1200 establishes this surfer's credentials.

Gus Tankard

Gus had been a local surfer at Pt Leo since the '60's and a Trigger Bros team rider from the age of 18. His love of the ocean saw him move with his family, wife Judy and children Jamie, Kane, Kristie, Haley and Jackie to a home just fifty metres from the Leo beach. He and Judy brought up their clan and occasional long term guests Dave and Pidgeon in an environment conducive to fishing, snorkeling, surfing, sailing, swimming and walking the beautiful Pt Leo shoreline. Gus loved all these activities and even the misadventures added to his sense of fun.

Surfing at his favourite break Peak Rock, Gus's friendly big hearted nature would often see him giving a wave to one of his mates and in between sets he had us captivated with tales from his police force days. He kept superbly fit and when it was 5'-8' "behind the rock" he charged with the best of the young brigade. For those of us privileged to share these years with him the images of his radical takeoffs, scary wipeouts and awesome barrels are easy to recall and will live with us till we too join him

Gus died in 2003; this tribute from the Trigger Brothers site.

Garry Taylor

AKA 'GT' - Strong surfer and respected shaped and board maker. Garry is a member of the HALL OF FAME

Wally Tibballs

Legendary goofy-footer who famously won the Quiksilver Trials in 1979?? HALL OF FAMER
Recognised in the Tracks article 'There's More to Victoria than Bells Beach and the Torquay Pub' (April 1979)

Tony Thornton

AKA 'Physics'. Originally from New Zealand, Tony was an early member of the PSC in the 1970s and a First Reef enthusiast. He now lives and surfs on the Gold Coast.

Michael Tregaskis

Micko or Mick or Michael; long time Gunna surfer and photographer of many of the shots on the Hoax Coast page; not a lover of mals.

Phil Trigger

One of the twin brothers who founded 'Trigger Brothers Surfboards in 1970. HALL OF FAMEr. Numerous contest highlights including 5th place at Bells in 1974 and winner of the Point Leo 1200 in 1974.

Paul Trigger

The other twin and co-founder of Trigger Brothers Surfboards. HALL of FAME NOMINEE. Numerous contest highlights.

Evelyn Van Derra

Winner of the women's section of the Point Leo 1200 of 1974

Geoff Vockler

PSC Vice-President around the turn of the century, longtime Gunnamatta local, Geoff has surfed regularly in Indonesia.

Craig Watson

Current hot PSC surfer; he's already won the PSC Open Championship three times.

Mark Walker

PSC Club Champion during the late 1990s. Check the pictures in the 1990-2000 gallery

Dennis Warwick

Goofy-footer, glasser for Island Surf Co in 1980

Steve Wilkinson

AKA 'Wilko'. Excellent goofy-footer who helped pioneer the left at Peak Rock.

Peter Wilkinson

Steve's older brother, Kneeboarder, shaper for Triggers, heavily involved in contest surfing including the ASA competitions. Made flat decked round tails for Triggers (Breakaway - August 1976)

Peter White

Glasser for the Flinders Surf Co. around 1980.

Jon Wilson

Founder of Flinders Surf Company, then later BALIN in 1974.

Warrick Wynne

Webmaster of the Hoax Coast and defender of obscure Western Port left handers. Winner of the 1976 PSC B-Grade 6th contest held at flukey peak rock.

Andrew Wynne

Originally and briefly a knee=boarder, Andrew moved to stand up boards and PSC competitions very quickly


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