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Peninsula Surfing Today

Contemporary Surfing Gallery

2002 - The Balin Pro Junior scores great waves at Cape Schanck and Gunna

Shaun Cansdell, eventual winner of the Balin Pro Junior, ripping up Gunnamatta. [Photo: Surfing Australia]

2002 - The No Fear Trials are moved from Bells to first car park Gunna and the pros lapped it up in more good waves.

Above Former world champ Damien Hardman giving Gunna some stick. [Photo: Duffy] Below: Eventual winner Troy Brooks.

February 2003 - With nostalgia in full swing, Triggers organize a 'Have a Rice Day' at Anglesea to celebrate the re-discovered surf manufacturing career of George Rice.

2003 - Fiona Capp releases her surfing reminisces That Oceanic Feeling  (Allen & Unwin) which talks about her surfing memories on the Hoax Coast, and her obsession with surfing Quarantine.

January 2004 - Thirteen people RESCUED at Gunna.

Winter 2004 - First pictures of Hoax Coast TOW-INS (Skeeta and mates at Sunset, Flinders below) prompt questions as to what new breaks will be opened up with this new technology? Once again, eyes shift to the mid-bay bombies in Western Port.

2005 - Everything old is new again. PSC celebrates its 30th anniversary with a dinner and a 1970s single fin contest.

Below: invites only, the stars of the single fin contest 'Expresssion Session' featuring from left, Ted Bainbridge, Ian Portingale, Paul and Phil Trigger (one was in the water), 'Skip' Easton, Wayne Lynch, Mark McCabe, Mick Pierce and Tony (Torps) Fowler.

Below: Wayne Lynch and Mick Pierce at the 70s Contest.

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